Controlled Service




Facility and Service

Atlantic Cold Trucking would like to introduce our less-than-truckload transportation service in the greater New York area.

Atlantic Cold Trucking is centrally located just 2 miles from the New Jersey Turnpike in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

Atlantic Cold Trucking operates two terminals, a 46 door and a 30 door terminal 24 hours a day. We are situated on six acres, which are fenced and patrolled. Our major customers are Atkins Nutritional, Ferrero USA Candy and Farmland Foods. We will gladly provide you with contacts at these customers in order to obtain first hand information regarding our performance.

Atlantic Cold Trucking will service your transportation needs with an urgency you will soon be accustom to. We will provide dedicated people, dispatch, customer service, and operation managers.

Please see the service area map for coverage area.